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 Cultural Activity Tendency
First Olympic Cultural Festival Concludes [2003-09-29]
BOCOG Vice President Encourages Youngsters to Participate in Olympics [2003-09-27]
Beijing 2008 First Olympic Cultural Festival Kicked off [2003-09-21]
Children’s drawing to open Beijing Olympic Cultural Festival [2003-09-21]
Beijing to Hold Olympic Cultural Festival [2003-09-19]
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 Photograph Coverage
Mr. Jiang Xiaoyu, Vice-president of BOCOG delivers a speech at the “Culture Innovation and Landscape Designing Forum [2003-09-22]
Sun Weijia, deputy director of BOCOG's Media & Communications Department, on “The design and cultural connotation of the logo of Beijing 2008 Olympics [2003-09-22]
Feng Huiling hosts the first half of the Culture Innovation and Landscape Design Forum. [2003-09-22]
Zhang Liwen on “The Olympic logo and the Chinese cultural spirit”. [2003-09-22]
Ron Newman on “Design management and the Beijing Olympic logo”. [2003-09-22]
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 Olympic Forum
Speech at the Olympic Torch Forum [2003-09-23]
The Emblem of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Its Cultural Connotation [2003-09-22]
Speech at Beijing 2008-Symposium on Digital Film & Television for Olympic Games By Li Wenyi [2003-09-22]
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