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5. Traffic Support System

      5.1 Implementing Law and Regulation System, Insist on Strict Law Enforcement

      Amend the law system of Beijing transportation construction and traffic management to meet the needs of the capital transportation construction and traffic management under the national laws and regulation governing the transportation construction and management so as to lay a solid legal foundation for Beijing’s transportation administration according to the laws and regulations. At the same time, upgrade the law enforcement level by strengthening the management and law enforcement, regulating the transportation construction behaviors, traffic administration behaviors and citizens’ traffic behaviors in order to improve the traffic environments and ensure the smooth movement of traffic.

      5.2 Strengthen the Training of the Law-enforcing Personnel and Social Transport Service Teams

      To focus on modernizing and advancing the diathesis of the whole city management team and scientific management system, enforce the construction of executing agency. Establish institutional schedule to guarantee 2008 Olympic traffic guarantee training plan for the traffic executing agency, city administrator and other concerned officials it may concern. Make the capital executive agency a team that is faithful and trustworthy, disciplined, selfless, under perfect discipline, to fulfill tasks assigned to it by the Party and the people. And also make the social traffic service team a team that is skilled in professional service, and to serve the people heart and soul.

      5.3 Strengthen Publicity and Increase Citizens’ Transport Civil Awareness

      Relying on Beijing transportation safety board and all levels of party committees and government, traffic safety organizations of different forms to manage the publicity of traffic safety will be set up immediately. Change the bad habit of drivers and pedestrians by succeeding in holding the Olympic Games, get through various kinds of forms and channels to strengthen citizen's consciousness of traffic safety, Olympic Games traffic, civilized traffic, obeying the traffic regulations rigidly, standardizing the traffic behavior, caring of self and influencing others, making great efforts to set up civilized image and reflect the theory of "people friendly Olympic Games" to show the civilization of the capital. Make the percentage of citizens obeying the traffic regulations over 95% by strict road traffic enforcement and wide traffic safety publicity.

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