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Green Olympics 2003 - BOCOG's Environmental Activities Ⅳ

International Exchanges

  BOCOG conducted international exchanges to push forward Green Olympics. BOCOG sent delegates to the Sport and Environment Congress, accepted suggestions from international experts, visited advanced foreign environment facilities and made presentations on the progress in the preparation for the Olympics.

Regional Seminar on Sport and Environment Held in Beijing

  IOC Sport and Environment Commission held the Regional Seminar on Sport and Environment in Beijing with participants from 18 countries and regions. The representatives and experts from each of the countries gave briefings on their work and experiences in regard of environment.

  Mr. Pál Schmitt, Chairman of the IOC Sport and Environment Commission chaired the Seminar. He pointed out that Beijing was the first city chosen to stage Olympic Games in accordance with the principle of sustainable development.

IOC Environmental Advisors Working in Beijing

  BOCOG attaches great importance to international exchange and BOCOG Environmental Activity Department is in close cooperation with the IOC environmental advisors. The advisors came to Beijing many times to provide assistance and they put forward many good suggestions on the development of BOCOG EMS, the formulation of Green Olympics Educational Plan and the Green Construction of Olympic Projects, and the relationship with the NGOs.

  During their stay in Beijing, the two IOC environmental advisors met with domestic environmental experts and visited the Olympic Green.

Exchanges with other Organizing Committees

A staff member of Torino Organizing Committee (TOROC) is introducing their environment management planning

  At the end of September 2003, members of BOCOG Environmental Activity Department paid a visit to Athens Organizing Committee (ATHOC) and Torino Organizing Committee (TOROC) to exchange ideas on the issues of Olympic environment planning, environmental protection and marketing, construction management, etc. They also visited the local Olympic venues.

The staff of BOCOG Environmental Activity Department are exchanging experience with their counterparts in ATHOC.

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