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Green Olympics 2003 - BOCOG's Environmental Activities Ⅲ

Environmental Education and Public Participation

  The preparation and staging of a Green Olympics will need not only the strong support of governments at different levels, but also rely on the active participation of the whole society. Greater efforts will be made on environmental education to raise the environmental awareness of the public. A favorable social climate will be created to encourage everyone to protect environment and participate in environmental protection actions and the sustainable development of the city will be promoted to a higher level.

Involvement of Environmental Advisors

  BOCOG invited well-known environmental experts Ms. Liao Xiudong, Ms.Liao Xiaoyi, Mr. Jin Jianming and Mr. Liang Congjie as the environmental advisors. Mr. Wang Wei, Vice-President and Secretary General of BOCOG chaired the appointment ceremony, where Mr. Liu Jingmin, Executive Vice President of BOCOG, delivered a speech, and Mr. Li Binghua, Vice President of BOCOG, issued the appointment letters to the advisors.

Chinese Version of Olympic Movement Agenda 21

  Mr. Liu Qi, Member of Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Secretary of Beijing Committee of the CPC,BOCOG President, wrote preface for the Chinese version Olympic Movement Agenda 21.

  As an action plan of the IOC for environmental protection, Olympic Movement Agenda 21 is a guiding document for staging Green Olympics. It describes the commitments of the Olympic Movement for environmental protection and sustainable development. BOCOG had it translated and printed recently, which will facilitate the communication of Olympic spirit and the idea of sustainable development.

Green Olympics Educational Plan

  For the purpose to raise the environmental awareness of the public, BOCOG developed a Green Olympics Educational Plan. In the formulation of the Plan, BOCOG called for extensive comments from relevant government departments of Beijing Municipality, non-governmental organizations, environmental experts and the IOC environmental advisors.

Beijing Olympic Cultural Festival
-- Environmental Forum on Olympic Torch Relay across Mount Everest

  During the first Beijing Olympic Cultural Festival, BOCOG held a Forum for environmental experts to discuss the environmental issues and put forward suggestions on the plan of Olympic Torch Relay across Mount Everest in the hope of showcasing the natural conditions, humanistic environment of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, creating opportunities for the environmental protection of Mount Everest and its surrounding areas, and attracting more people to participate in the action of environmental protection.

  The non-governmental environmental organizations (NGOs) took an active part in the Green Olympics in 2003. They launched various social events to raise the environmental awareness of the public and brought forward good proposals and suggestions. BOCOG, to give a full play to the enthusiasm and initiative of the NGOs, organized 6 regular meetings on the Olympic environmental protection and 5 consultation meetings with environmental experts. The participants of the meetings visited the environmental management projects and the Ecological Education Center.

Environmental Guidelines for Olympic Hotel Services

  To incorporate the concept of Green Olympics in the services of Olympic hospitality and accommodation, to build up the image of Green Olympics in 2008, to upgrade environmental standards for hotels, and to turn hotels into environmental models for the sustainable development of the whole hotel industry, BOCOG formulated Environmental Guidelines for Olympic Hotel Services.

BOCOG is collecting comments and suggestions on the Guidelines from NGOs.

Seminar on the Olympic Greenplanning

  BOCOG invited environmental advisors and representatives of 15 NGOs to a seminar to review the planning and design of the Olympic Green. The designing scheme was further optimized to ensure that the Olympic Green will be a model for environmental protection and sustainable development, and the concept of Green Olympics be fully materialized in the Central Zone.

Environmental Actions Debriefing

  On December 26, BOCOG Environmental Activity Department organized a meeting for the NGOs in Beijing on the efforts in Green Olympics and the work accomplished by NGOs. Participants reviewed their environmental efforts and looked into the work for the next year. Representatives from 18 NGOs addressed the meeting on their work and expressed their enthusiasm for the joint efforts with BOCOG and the creation of Green Olympics.

The NGOs are visiting Beijing Xiedao Ecological Education Center.

The NGOs are visiting Beijing Xiedao Ecological Education Center.

Waste Classification in Communities

  To mobilize the residents of the city in the waste classification,BOCOG Environmental Activity Department, Beijing Municipal Administration Commission and Beijing Environment Protection Foundation jointly launched a photographic exhibition under the theme of "participating in garbage classification, building a green Beijing and staging Green Olympics ". 18 exhibition boards were produced with descriptive words and pictures.

  On the morning of August. 20, the Opening Ceremony for the Garbage Classification Exhibition was held in Yinghua Community, Heping Street, Chaoyang District.

Enthusiasm of University Students for Green Olympics

  On November 16, students from College of Resources and Environment, China Agricultural University organized a promotional activity under the theme of "Environment and Health" in Beijing Botanical Garden. They invited visitors to the garden to sign their names on the banner that bears the Chinese characters of "Welcome Olympics, Cherish Environment." The activity aroused great interest among the visitors. Government officials, army officers, the aged and young, and even some foreign visitors signed their names on the banner, which was later presented to BOCOG.

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