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Heiberg Speaks Highly of BOCOG Market Development

  Gerhard Heiberg, chairman of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Marketing Commission, expressed satisfaction with the marketing progress made by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) to date, declaring his confidence in the prospects of marketing development.

  Heiberg made the remarks after consultating with six official partners of the 2008 Games in Beijing on Nov. 4, 2004.

  Hein Verbruggen, chairman of the IOC Coordination Commission for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, had also spoken highly of the marketing development progress of Beijing at a recent meeting, Heiberg said.

  Heiberg visited the six partners of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in two days and learned that BOCOG will sign up several more Olympic partners by the end of this year. He expressed excitement over BOCOG’s achievement in market development and the Olympic partners’ enthusiasm in sponsoring the Olympic Games. Heiberg also expressed satisfaction on the six partners’ active efforts to draft plans of service provision and brand promotion for the next four years.

  Speaking on Beijing 2008 sponsors recruitment to be started next year, Heiberg said many enterprises have already shown interest in participation in the program. He said the IOC is fully confident about BOCOG’s capability to fulfill the marketing plan.

  Heiberg said the trial implementation of the franchising program of the Beijing Olympic Games has made a good start, thus enhancing his confidence that Chinese enterprises are able to turn out quality, satisfactory products that will be enthusiastically embraced by people at the Olympic Games.

  Heiberg endorsed BOCOG’s respect for the spirit of fair play in the selection of partners from among domestic and oversea enterprises. He also noted that the qualification of all organizations desiring to become Olympic partners would be reviewed pursuant to due process. He took pride in active participation of Chinese enterprises in the Olympic marketing plan, saying they will join international enterprises to share opportunities of growth, brand promotion and improvement of service and product quality.


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