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5 Policy instruments
5.1 Preferential policies encouraging use of clean energy * Reduction or exemption of gas pipeline investment fee for clean energy users; * Adjustment of natural gas pricing system including seasonal price, and preferential prices for large users; * Preferential policies to support duel switching from coal-fired boilers; and * Establishment of reasonable time-of-use tariffs of electricity to promote energy-storage electric heaters working at late night. 5.2 Strict pollutants emission standards on boiler to limit the use of non-clean energy * Establishment and enforcement of local emission standards of Beijing on boiler-induced pollutants, stricter than the national standards; * Raising the level of pollution fees on SO2 and flue dust emission; and * Implementation of charge rate on NOx emissions. 5.3 Dissemination and application of hi-tech in energy supply and energy consumption * Research and spread of clean combustion, clean coal and heat pump technologies with efforts; * Consolidation of scientific research and introduction of new technologies in energy sector; * Increase in technology content in energy development, supply and consumption; * Overall increase of comprehensive utilization efficiency of energy; and * Enhancement of energy saving management, establishment of preferential policies to promote upgrading existing energy-intensive equipment and procedures with new technologies to decrease energy intensity of products. 5.4 Dissemination and application of renewable energy such as solar, geothermal and biomass energy * Enhancement of the development and application of new energy and renewable energy increasing their share in energy mix; * Preferential policies with investment subsidies to promote the development of new energy and renewable energy; * Promotion and spread advanced new energy and renewable energy technologies based on real circumstances in Beijing through scientific and technical development and pilot projects; and * Formulation of appropriate regulations on system reforms; through preferential low interest rate, venture investment or tax reduction and exemption, price subsidy and award, and other measures to support and facilitate the development of new energy and renewable energy.
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