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4 Projects for reducing coal as fuel and measures for rationed use of coal

      In 2008, coal will not be used as fuel in the final energy consumption in planned urban area and reduced to a certain amount in outer suburbs.

      4.1 Projects for reducing coal as fuel

      * Gaojing Power Plant is switched to gas-fired generation, reducing 1.50 million tons of coal;

      * Steel production at Capital Steel Mill will decrease to 6 million tons till 2005; and coke ovens No.2, No.4 and No.5 will be shut down through 2008, reducing coal by 1.20 million tons; and steel production will further decrease;

      * The Beijing Coking and Chemistry Plant will stop production in 2005, reducing coal by 3 million tons; and

      * Coal-fired boilers fully in urban and suburb areas and partly in the outer suburb areas will be retrofitted, reducing coal by 11.15 million tons.

      4.2 Measures of rational use of coal

      With the implementation of the energy mix readjustment plan in Beijing, the total coal consumption will be less than 15 million tons by 2008. According to the various uses and clean coal technologies and clean combustion technologies currently available, the following measures of efficient coal use are to be taken.

      * High quality and low sulfur content coal, coal washing, and briquette Only washed coal or high quality and low sulfur content coal can be allowed to directly use by boilers for space heating and production. For power generation high quality coal has been used in the First Cogeneration Plant and Gaobeidian Cogeneration Plant; it is suggested for other power plants that high quality and low sulfur content coal will be substituted for current fuel coal. In outer suburbs and counties, briquettes will be used gradually.

      * Clean combustion technologies These technologies are essentially applied in power plants such as CFB and IGCC. When conditions permitting, feasibility of construction of new power plants in counties and districts in the outer suburbs basing on these technologies will be studied .

      * Control technologies for coal-firing induced pollution Mature technologies are applied to power plants including desulfurization, denitrification and low nitrogen combustion procedures. All currently operating coal-fired power plants in Beijing should be transformed, and adoption of desulfurization and denitrification procedures will be completed before 2005 so that the total emissions of SO2 and NOx will be declined.

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