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3 Main clean energy projects

      The main clean energy projects listed below are aimed to contribute to the Olympic Games, for which investment is required between 2002 and 2007.

      3.1 Natural gas

      By the energy-mix readjustment plan mentioned above, 5 billion cubic meters of natural gas will be demanded in 2008. The maximum annual transmission capacity of the first Shaanxi-Beijing long-distance pipeline is about 3.3 billion cubic meters, in which at most 2.4 billion cubic meters can serve for Beijing. Therefore, Beijing should initiate the construction of the second long-distance pipeline immediately.

      * Gas source Besides the second long-distance pipeline, expansion of Dazhangtuo Underground Gas Storage Project and other new underground gas storage projects will be constructed as well.

      * Urban distribution network Urban gas distribution networks, city gate stations, pressure regulator stations, ball-type gas holders and other facilities will be constructed, while existing distribution networks and pressure regulator stations for artificial coal gas will be reconstructed to distribute natural gas.

      * Gas stations As committed in the bidding report to the IOC, 90% buses and all municipal vehicles (for environmental protection and postal service) will be powered by clean fuels in 2008. Accordingly, about 50 natural gas stations and 100 LPG stations need to be built. Vehicles using gas as fuel for public transport and municipal services will be purchased or retrofitted, taxis as well.

      * Fuel-switch projects for boilers In urban area, 5000 coal-fired boilers will be retrofitted to use natural gas by 2005. The remaining 3000 coal-fired boilers in the suburbs will be retrofitted by 2007, while coal-fired facilities in counties and districts of outer suburbs will also be retrofitted if permitted by specific conditions. Gaojing Power Plant will switches to gas-fired.

      * District gas-fired cogeneration projects Tsinghua Plant, Yizhuang Plant, Dianzicheng Plant and Shangdi Plant will be constructed.

      3.2 Electricity

      * Generation projects Caoqiao Gas-fired Cogeneration Plant, Taiyanggong Gas-fired Cogeneration Plant, and gas turbine units of the Third Cogeneration Plant (phase I and II) will be constructed. Outside Beijing, several power plants will be built such as Wangtan Power Plant (phase I), Zhenglangi Power Plant (phase I) and Daihai Power Plant (phase I) in Inner Mongolia, and Xiahuayuan Power Plant (phase VI).

      * Transmission projects The transmission projects to be constructed consist of building or upgrading 500kV and urban 220kV power grids, replacing the overhead lines with underground cables along key urban streets and around Olympic Games fields, upgrading electric facilities in Olympic stadiums and relative areas, and upgrading electric distribution for reconstruction projects of dangerous and aged dwellings in downtown.

      * Electric space heating projects in Old City Reserve Zone Necessary electric construction and renovation will be completed to guarantee the space heating for the one-storey buildings in the reserve zone within the Second Ring Road.

      3.3 Heating power

      Shuangyushu Heating Plant will be expanded and Caoqiao Gas-Fired Cogeneration Plant built. The accessory projects of outside heat supply network for Gaobeidian Cogeneration Plant and other heat-supply networks will be completed. The heat-supply system in Olympic Park and surrounding area will be constructed and renovated.

      3.4 New energy and new technology for energy-use

      * Space heating with geothermal energy and water source heat pumps There will be 160 geothermal wells completed in the city by 2008. The construction of geothermal heating project in Olympic Garden will be completed to serve 0.40 million square meters in the stadiums and gymnasiums for space heating.

      * Solar energy To devote major efforts to promote energy solar utilization, 3MW solar cells will be constructed in Olympic Park as a demonstrating project, where 90% hot water produced by solar energy. Solar photo electricity application project and solar thermal utilization project in Olympic Park are constructed.

      * Wind power The existing and planned wind power capacity is 50MW in the outer suburb areas of Beijing, which can supply mainly 20% of the electricity demand of Olympic Park as committed in the bidding report to the IOC. Efforts will be made to purchase wind power from the neighboring provinces during the Olympic Games. The feasibility of wind power development in Yanqing, north west of Beijing, is also under investigation.

      * Biomass energy Quality of rural energy will improve, leading to improvement in rural energy use, air and water environment and comprehensive utilization of agricultural wastes. Main measures include biomass gasification projects for centralized biogas supply and large-scale biogas energy-environment projects

      * Fuel cells and electric vehicles Efforts will be made in research and development of fuel-cell-driven and power-driven vehicles aiming to mitigate the pollution induced by transportation.

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