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Speech at Beijing 2008-Symposium on Digital Film & Television for Olympic Games By Li Wenyi

Ladies and Gentlemen, Good morning!
     First, please allow me, on behalf of the sponsors of the symposium, to express warm congratulations to successful start of the Beijing-2008 Symposium on Digital Film & Television for the Olympic Games! I would like to extend warm welcome to Chinese and international experts and scholars attending this forum. I would also like to convey my heartfelt thanks to the sponsors of the symposium and friends from the media.
     "Green Olympics, Hi-tech Olympics and People's Olympics" are the three concepts of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Among which "Hi-tech Olympics" has profound meanings and richest content. From the 1990s, digital film technology has become a rising trend in the world. The rapid expansion of the global film industry was driven by the rapid development of digital technology. The fast development of digital, computer and network technology has changed the film and TV industry completely and at the same time stimulated the development of the technology of computerized special effect.
     Digital technology is now one of the pillar industries of our country. The market potential of digital product is enormous in our country. Results of market survey for the first half of 2003 show that the growth of market for digital products such as digital cameras, MP3 and portable memory disks exceeded 50% over the same period of 2002. The growth of demand driven by rapid introduction of digital products is a major factor for the growth of the market as a whole.
     The development of industry cannot go without the training of industrial talents. Since 2002, 15 universities around the country have strengthening the training of software development talents in a bid to meet the requirements of industrialization and commercialization. The move helped ease the shortage of talents in the development of basic programs and management of software engineering and promote the development of the software industry. Under this favorable industrial environment, the symposium is held in the right time and will be fruitful. 
     The main topics of the symposium are the opportunities and challenges that digital Olympics brings to such industries as film and entertainment, education, service and public security, personnel training and application of high-definition TV technology in digital Olympics, digital processing in English language training for the Olympics and challenges of utilizing digital means applications in English teaching at primary and middle schools. 
     We wish to push forward academic cooperation and the development of related industries through broad exchanges so as to provide strong technological support to the best ever Olympic Games in history.
Now I declare that the International Symposium on Digital Film & Television for the Olympic Games of the First Beijing 2008 Olympic Culture Festival begins!
     Thank you!

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