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Beijing marks bid anniversary with extravaganza

BOCOG President Liu Qi delivers a speech at the opening ceremony

Art performance

      Beijing on July 13 celebrated the second anniversary of its Olympic bid triumph with extravaganza.

      A series of cultural and sports events were staged in a main venue in the city’s Longtan Park and other 17 sub-venues.

      This was the first mass activity in Beijing after the World Health Organization (WHO) lifted its travel advisory last month.

      "The goal of holding such a celebration is to improve people's health and to bring people back together,'' said BOCOG President Liu Qi.

      Two years after the city won the right to host the 2008 Games, the success remains a source of enormous national pride for Chinese people.

      Some 12,000 people on July 13 participated in a celebratory 8-kilometre run that started in Tian’anmen Square and ended at the Millennium Monument, an outdoor stage in western Beijing.

      College students also put on artistic performances, urging residents to "welcome the Olympic in a civilized way."

      In some of the other varied celebrations, ballroom dancers, trick bicyclists and roller skaters took the stage in many parks.

      It was rally a day for ordinary citizens when more than 30 gymnasias and stadia across the city were open to the public free of charge or at half price.


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