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Water Environment

  In 2003, Beijing continued to work on the protection of water resources and recycling of water. New progress was made in the construction of city sewage treatment system, water saving and city sewage reuse.

  The capacity of sewage treatment was increased with 1,600,000 tons of sewage treated daily in urban area, a treatment rate of 56%. The amount of water recycled annually reached 100,000,000 tons, enough to fill up 28 Kunming lakes.

  Great efforts were made to explore the potential for water saving. The use of grey water and rain water was increased; water-saving industry and agriculture were developed and water-saving equipment and appliances were introduced. With various measures and regulations on water saving, over 100,000,000 cubic meters of water was saved in 2003.

  In 2003, water-saving facilities for 3,810,000 square meters of gardens and public green lands were renovated. The rain water gathering projects in Beijing Botanical Garden and the Summer Palace were put into use. 20 facilities for using grey water were built in large public buildings, universities,and government departments. 10 model zones of non-sewage discharge were completed in such areas as the Yangfang Industrial Zone in Changping District.

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