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BOCOG Wins National Award for Promoting “Eco-Mark” Logo(photos attached)

BOCOG Director of Environmental Movement Department (first from the right, front row) receives the National Award for Promoting “Eco-Mark” Logo

“National Award for the Promotion of Eco-mark”

  On May 20, BOCOG received the National Award of Promoting “Eco-Mark” from the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA). The award was given to a total of ten organizations following the 10th anniversary of the launch of the China Environmental Label, also known as “Eco-Mark.” The award was given to BOCOG in recognition of BOCOG’s efforts to advocate eco-friendly consumption and promote sustainable development within China.

  During preparations for the 2008 Olympic Games, BOCOG has formulated and tabled regulations, including the “Environmental Guidelines for the Olympic Project” and “Guidelines for Ecologically-sound Olympic Project Construction,” advocating the use of environmentally- friendly and energy-efficient materials in the construction, accommodation and hospitality industries.

  In accordance with ISO14001 principles, it is reported that BOCOG has created an administration system in keeping with the concept of sustainable development; an administration that is quick to adapt to the latest environmental management practices and techniques. BOCOG’s overall contribution to environmental protection has been recognized and rewarded by the SEPA.

Brief introduction to Environmental Labeling and Certification in China

  With increased awareness of the ongoing degradation of the global environment, the general public has become more savvy of the need to practise environmentally-friendly consumerism in everyday life. In order to encourage the development and production of ecologically-sound, low-harm products, many countries and regions have implemented eco-logo certification programs, such as “Blue Angel” in Germany, “Nordic Swan” in North Europe, “Green Seal” in the U.S., “Environmental Choice” in Canada, and “Eco Mark” in Japan.

  The State Environmental Protection Administration of China has developed a set of technical criteria for each product category of the Environmental Labeling Products (SCCEL) Scheme since 1993. In the same year, the government launched the Eco-Mark logo in China. The green mountains, water and the sun in the center of the Eco-Mark logo represent the environment that human beings depend on for their living. The surrounding ten rings tightly interconnect with each other, expressing the principle of public participation in environmental protection.

  Products with environmental labels are not only environmentally sound, but are also of a high quality. The labeling enables enterprises in China to gain a competitive edge in international trade. In this way, the SCCEL has formed an environmental bridge between enterprises, consumers and the government. Since 1994, 12 000 products have been identified, with 51 categories approved to receive the environmental label.

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