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The Objective of the Olympic Movement's Agenda 21

  The Olympic Movement's Agenda 21 aims to encourage members of the Movement to play an active part in the sustainable development of our planet. It sets out the basic concepts and general actions needed to ensure that this objective is met. It has been inspired by the UNCED Agenda 21, adapted to the characteristics of the Olympic and sports Movement. It suggests general outlines which should guide the activity of the Olympic Movement in the fields in which it can bring an effective contribution.

  It is a theoretical and practical guide for all members of the Olympic Movement and for sportsmen and -women in general: the IOC, the International Federations (IFs), the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), the Olympic Games Organizing Committees (OCOGs), athletes, clubs, coaches and all individuals and enterprises associated with sport.

  The Olympic Movement's Agenda 21 suggests to governing bodies areas in which sustainable development could be integrated into their policies. It also points out ways in which individuals can act so as to ensure that their sporting activities and their lives in general play a part in this sustainable development.

  The Olympic Movement's Agenda 21 must be implemented in a climate of respect for different social, economic, geographical, climatic, cultural and religious contexts which are characteristic of the diversity of the members of the Olympic Movement.

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