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Green Olympics 2003 - BOCOG's Environmental Activities Ⅰ

Environmental Management System

  To minimize the negative impact of Olympics on environment and incorporate the sustainable development idea in all stages of the preparation and staging of the Olympic Games, BOCOG is developing the Environment Management System (EMS).

  On May 16, 2003, the Environmental Activities Department, on behalf of BOCOG, signed "Cooperation Agreement on Environment Master Plan and Environmental Management System" with CH2M-IDC CHINA, a company equipped with rich Olympic experience, which marked the official launch of BOCOG EMS, an effort in fulfilling its bidding commitment. The EMS is a fundamental tool for Beijing to deliver a Green Olympics.

  The setup of BOCOG EMS is also an important milestone in the environmental efforts of the IOC. At the end of August 2003, two environmental advisors of the IOC Coordination Commission visited Beijing and discussed with the BOCOG Environmental Activities Department on the drafted versions of BOCOG Environmental Master Plan and Environmental Management System developed by CH2M-IDC, and they put forward their suggestions and comments on these two documents.

  In 2003, EMS training was provided respectively to the executives of BOCOG functional areas, program managers, environmental coordinators and new staff.

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