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4. Traffic Management

      Insist on reform and innovation to upgrade the management from empirical management to information based scientific management. Insist on optimizing the resource distribution of road and traffic police to upgrade the management from extensive to intensive. Strengthen the police resources with science and technology to upgrade the management from the labor-intensive to technology-intensive. Insist on human orientation and upgrade the administration-oriented management to service-oriented management. Insist on people first to achieve the conversion from administrative management to service management.

      By the year of 2008, intelligent traffic management system, reflecting advanced management and technology, will be instituted, using the advanced science and technology to satisfy both the economic and social development of Beijing and the transport requirements for the Olympic Games in conformity with Beijing Urban Master Plan up to the standards of international metropolises. The modernization of Beijing’s traffic management will take shape and Beijing will join the most advanced traffic management cities in the world.

      4.1 Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS)

      Comprehensively upgrade the collection, analysis and integration of dynamic and static information of road traffic and administration, and the ability for scientific decision-making. Improve the ability in handling traffic accidents and the ability in emergency response. Upgrade the traffic information services to the public. The intelligent traffic management system will be available as a scientific instrument for Beijing’s urban traffic management and the traffic organization during the Olympic Games.

      By 2008, there will be two major systems and eight projects in traffic management. The two major systems include the intelligent traffic control system and advanced traffic management information system. The eight projects include the expansion and improvement of the urban road traffic real-time-dynamic information management system, the renovation of intelligent traffic signal control system, the establishment of integrated comprehensive intelligent transportation management system, the establishment of the wireless communication system of traffic management, the establishment of the intelligent communication network security system, the construction of the broadband communication integrated services network, the construction and improvement of integrated traffic management information application system, and the improvement of the traffic management information distribution system.

      4.2 Build Efficient Organization and Management System

      In view of the urban transportation development for 2008 and the road construction and renovation, the comprehensive road traffic organization master plan will be formulated to meet the requirements in the urban construction and development. The transportation organization structure will be further optimized to establish a scientific traffic organization and management system based on the urban highway network and public transit network with differentiated functions for the roads in different regions to meet various traffic demands. By relieving the interference among different types of traffic, the road resources will be optimized step by step for the efficient performance of different roads and the comprehensive improvement of traffic and transportation efficiency.

      4.3 Improve Management Service to Meet Public Needs

      The principle of “people first” will be represented not only by human friendly designing of transport facilities but also by the change from administrative management to service-oriented management. Priority will be given to service while seeking the management objectives on vehicles, accidents, surface traffic order, the construction and management of traffic facilities. The management policies and practices will be developed in order to make people’s daily trips as convenient as possible.


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