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FOREWORD by Pál Schmitt, Chairman of the IOC Sport and Environment commission

  It is a great satisfaction and honour for me to present the Olympic Movement's Agenda 21. This document was prepared by the IOC Sport and Environment Commission and endorsed by the IOC at its Session in Seoul in June 1999 and by the Third World Conference on Sport and the Environment in Rio de Janeiro in October 1999.

  This Agenda 21 demonstrates the commitment of the Olympic Movement to protection of the environment and sustainable development. It establishes an action programme allowing the Olympic Movement to participate in the global programme of sustainable development, and defines the responsibilities of its different members in implementing actions which respect the concept of sustainable development. It is aimed at the members of the Olympic Movement and all those involved in sport who share its values: the IOC, IFs, NOCs, OCOGs, athletes, clubs and managers, as well as all those who practise sport and companies linked to sport. It offers the governing bodies of the sports movement ways to incorporate sustainable development into their political strategies and describes actions allowing each individual to play an active part in promoting sustainable development, particularly, but not only, in relation to sports activities.

  This Agenda 21 is to be considered as a working document to be adapted by each organization to its particular circumstances. It denotes a sense of responsibility for the welfare and survival of future generations.

  I hope that this document will contribute to the awareness of environmental matters by all sportsmen and women, as well as sports leaders. No initiative, however small, should be neglected. Indeed, we should "Think globally, act locally"

  I take this opportunity to thank Shell International for their help in the publishing of this Agenda 21 and their overall support for the environmental efforts of the Olympic Movement.

  Pál Schmitt

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