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Green Olympics 2003 - Green Actions Ⅲ

  To materialize the idea of Green Olympics, BOCOG leaders and staff have participated in the actions of beautifying environment, protecting environment and saving resources.

  BOCOG leaders are meeting with experts at the seminar on Energy Saving and Environment Protection in Olympic Projects. They emphasized that venue construction should be the showcase of Green Olympics and embodiment of the idea of sustainable development.

  On the World Environment Day in 2003, BOCOG initiated the Green Office Project and issued Green Office Guide, which set up guidelines for the daily operation of the office and the activities of the BOCOG staff in the aspects of green administration, green behaviors and green activities. It covers such areas as energy and water saving, trash classification, use of office equipment, paper recycling, paperless office work and the environmental friendly behaviors of staff.

  To support the Green Office Project, in the BOCOG office building, signs such as "Save Electricity", "Save Water" and "Cherish Paper" are visible everywhere to encourage the staff members to practice “Green Olympics" in their daily activities.

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