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Construction of National Stadium Back On Track

  Construction of the National Stadium for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games officially resumed on December 28, 2004. The construction project, started on December 24, 2003, was temporarily halted in July 2004 due to readjustment of the original financing and construction plan. The readjustment is aimed to excise economy in the preparation of the Olympic Games and to optimize the relations among safety, quality, function, timetable and costs of venue construction.

  Optimization of the construction plan was completed in the end of November 2004. The revised plan retains the overall design of “birds nest”, but drops out the removable roof and enlarges the whole on the roof. As a result, the total consumption of steel of its main structure is reduced by 22.3 percent over the original design. Since the whole in the roof is enlarged, the total surface of its membrane structure was reduced by 13 percent. After the readjustment, the new construction plan better meets the demands of competitions during the Olympic Games, further improves safety of the stadium and in the same time, reduce the costs of construction.

  Currently, the construction of the National Stadium is progressing smoothly.

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